Luxury Mother's Jewelry for Modern Moms

In the beginning... there was the Mother.

Miracle of Motherhood

Mother's rings with birthstone and gifts for mom or wife
Mother's rings with birthstone and gifts for mom or wife
Miracle of Motherhood, Mother's Rings, Jewelry, and Accessories
Mother's rings and pendant for moms, personalized and custom birthstone

The Essence of Motherhood

Designer Bag, Sunglasses, Scarves, Clothing and Jewelry for Mothers

The celebration of motherhood needs no special occasion and lasts a lifetime.

In the past, mother's rings and jewelry adorning the right hand paled to the stately wedding set on the left. Establishing modern tradition, the fine artisans at Miracle of Motherhood met the challenge of crafting jewelry, specifically mother's rings and pendants, that are refined, elegant, and timeless.

Combining archetypal iconography of an expecting mother cradling her stomach with the "spiral", a symbol of motherhood and life at the heart of most cultures, M.o.M. jewelry is art with a story. Making the story your own, each ring is set with a birthstone and personalized with your child's name and birth date.

Always be reminded of your miracle, proudly wear Miracle of Motherhood.